Sunday, 8 April 2018

Break Free - Ruby Rose: An Inspiring Story About Opening Up

About two years ago, Ruby Rose, an Australian model and actress, starred in a video she wrote for herself. All she wanted was to speak her mind. And speak her mind she did. In two days of going live, the video had millions of views, and currently has close to 26 million of them. Her story has changed lives.

Ruby Rose is a transgender lesbian. For those who are ??? about this, this means her body was not like a typical woman, and that she prefers women over men. When she was about five or six, she wished to be a boy, but she wasn't. Over the years she struggled with her identity, and had her own journey through which she discovered who she truly wanted to be.

You can watch the beautiful short film here(trust me, it's worth it, really):

Cut to 2018. Feminism, the dreaded word of internet history, has been the cause of many virtual battles in comment sections almost everywhere. Somehow, the losers tend to be not the ones typing, or fighting, but people whose rights continue to be violated every day.

It's not about a Metro seat; perhaps it's about a change in mindset. Perhaps it's about making lives easier.

Friday, 20 May 2016

time to fly

I have a friend. He says it’s important to not ruin perfection with things. Silence is perfection. Words are limitations, barriers to perfect communication and leave memories imprinted with tags that make things...small. Idealism, isn’t it? 
(video at the end of the post)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Kalki Koechlin: The Printing Machine | Unblushed

So there's this woman who is an artist. I mean she is a true artist. She acts and she writes and she performs them so well. She writes about society. About change. About problems. And reality.

This video is about the reality we read every day in our newspapers. The reality that is printed every morning in newspapers and the reality that we cannot help avoid. The reality that we ignore in words but see in the world.

An ordinary day. Ruined by some people who probably don't even deserve to be called people. This is about us.

Please watch.